Do You Have A Project We Can Help With?


With Ecker, our work doesn’t end when your facility is finished. We keep your equipment and utilities up-to- date and running. We provide inspection, repair, routine maintenance, and installation for all of your plumbing, mechanical, and HVAC systems.

We know all industry standards and inspection requirements, ensuring your facility is never behind on its certifications. Our experienced team members run diagnostics and tests on all of your systems and keep them running like new.


Looking to Retrofit or Repair?

Our mechanical contractor services extend beyond your initial build, whether or not your system was installed by Ecker. We offer installation, maintenance, and repair to any system or equipment. Ecker gets your facility updated with new, improved, or custom systems. Our plumbing and pipefitting services will keep your facility’s water and waste management needs functioning more efficiently.

We understand the cost of downtime during a renovation. That is why we only install the right equipment, duct, or pipe for your facility’s needs. Scheduling regular maintenance with Ecker guarantees your facility runs continuously and efficiently. As your mechanical service manager, we schedule routine checks, yearly inspections and certifications, and remain on- call in case of emergency. For us, your regular maintenance is more than a checkbox, it’s an assurance of quality. Our technicians will not leave your facility unless they are certain your systems are in the best working order.